Pour sweetened condensed milk evenly over the top of the candy.


Staff and residents of long term care facilities.


What advice would you have for aspiring authors?

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Have a nice summer everybody!


So how can it still persist?

Creates an image header and allocates the image data.

This line in what you said kinda stuck out for me.

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I agree and think more is being done than we know.

I think the dictionary threw up again?

Which is exactly the same as the original author.


Visitors should plan to wear sturdy walking shoes.

Neither country has made any comment on the deal.

The printing press.


What is the name of your family event?


What are blogs and why are they relevant?

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Hopefully it was the same guy.


I think you have a career ahead as a futurist.


A sad day for education.


These buildings are next to each other.

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Playing games and sleeping.

He jus tryin to hitch his wagon to her star.

From the top of a mountain of deep fried wontons!


What are the rules to be nominated?

My lips on your lips as our bodies now sing.

Is this really my problem?


Novacetam may be available in the countries listed below.


You encouraged me to have good friends.


Silly characters can be serious too!

Theriot taught him that.

Is this a decent floor tire pump?


Is it too cold outside to wash the car?


A giant in the hall.

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What are these serious but avoidable mistakes?


I was in the hope none notice it.

Sounds like they have some buying in mind.

But i keep them on becouse it looks nice.

Visit these great sites!

Create state to process quotes strings.

Problem calling a function.

Being able to get my hair dry faster would be great.


Click here for this years programme of events.

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You may store your luggage with the reception desk.

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We are being followed.

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Kangaroos usually live to around six years old in the wild.

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Cleverbot knows the answer.

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Republican through and through.


Maybe they have been reported and will get deleted.

Tourist rooms at past the dont.

Everybody is in public relations.

Thank you for saving me from the crazy.

Telecom truly do no understand the internet.


Setting to waiting for release.


I predict the results will be all over the place.

The cost curve is going to bend upward.

Tax the greedy to help the needy!

Just an obsessive fixation on numbers!

Thanks for reading my blog this week!

The info from those should help the list diagnose the problem.

Maybe you should lose the drama and stick to the facts.


He and she live together gender true.


No announced extras as of yet.


Your search for summer has returned the following results.


What a serious ass move by the arrogant and seriously ignorant!

It suddenly feels good to be outside.

Beautiful parts that truly enhance.

Going to have to remember this trick!

Cremation has been chosen.


Happy loves and kisses!

An electronic version of the study can be downloaded here.

I am here for the scandals.


Is there something but in vba?

Better soil structure and tilth.

Where you sitting then carps?


Learn how you can contribute to the project.

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He asks her to show some.


Returns the asset.

You were like a little beacon of positivity.

Gents thanks again for all the interest!

A great article with some very useful tips.

Finally got pictures of the cookies!


Drindrish were also highly resistant magic cast by other mages.

Antibodies used for cell surface marker expression analysis.

You have a great memory and eagle eyes.

Pop some ibuprofen as soon as you start feeling sick.

The last line renames the subject with a synonym.


If you like this one you might like theses as well.


I love that date stamp!


How long will it take me to finish the prelicense course?

Who likes what?

Which would you go with for job interview?


There was no pretend in that.


Measure the inside and outside after expanding.


Show some pride and win a damn game.

Practice is the only way to understand and improve.

There is quite a delay in saving shots.


What are some moral graduation quotes?

Every player in the game registered at least one rebound.

Your work is very much inspiring and amazing!


It takes more than a camera.

I can barely watch this show tonight.

The interview begins as soon as you arrive at the company.


Local business working together to bring you more savings!


Have you solved the stale gas problem?

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Nearly everybody came to the party.


My first attempt at a gradient cake with ombre frosting.

I love curry give me more.

He owns just about every team record that matters.

Eli is vastly over rated.

We have a plan on how to handle this situation better.

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Click here to reconnect.

This is my thanks after working my butt off?

What are the leaves like?


Bruiser has a good workout posted there!

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This is the perfect place for a startup.

Think minimalist when it comes to jewelry.

This is exactly what they want.


What is a exit interview?

There are rocks everywhere.

Sure and reliable buyer.

Some of these are really obvious.

They boath are totally wonderful!


What can bring tears in a big hurry?


Looking for the soft touch of a real woman.


Riding through fresh powder snow.

Your savior does not dwell in this place.

Hi can this be vertical?


Over the dunes.


Do a parting ritual on your own side.

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There are times when you are in confusion.


I needed some clarity.


Detoxing also creates its own problems.


Hopefully it works better than before.

I hate those damn living memorials!

What was it that got her so excited?